World Economic Forum Issues its “Global Risks 2012” Report

The “Global Risks 2012” report outlines three major global risks:

1. “Seeds of dystopia” – “imbalance between populations of young people with few job prospects, growing numbers of retirees putting pressure on state-run retirement plans and the growing gap between rich and poor.”

2. “Unsafe safeguards” – “’Individuals are increasingly being asked to bear risks previously assumed by governments and companies to obtain a secure retirement and access to quality health care’; The threat of inappropriate or overzealous regulation is another big risk.”

3. “The dark side of connectivity” – “’The Arab Spring demonstrated the power of interconnected communications to drive personal freedom, yet the same technology facilitated riots in London.’”

This being from the World Economic Forum crowd (soon to be meeting again in Davos, Switzerland – 3 cantons removed from my old stomping grounds in Luzern/Lucerne), you should not be surprised to note that it is occasionally a bit self-serving, but the points raised are well worth thinking about.


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