What is going on in Quebec?

As a Canadian whose family features both Francophones and Anglophones (not to mention allemandophones), I saw a number of postings from Quebecois nieces and nephews in the past few weeks (at least those studying humanities, political science, etc.) and wondered what was going on. Here are a couple of articles that may enlighten people unfamiliar with the events, as I was:

Anger mounts over Quebec student crisis

Quebec’s university students are in for a shock (opinion piece)

This reminds me of something that occurred in the 1960’s in California, where I grew up:

“Ronald Reagan . . . in his days as governor of California [was confronted by students who] swarmed his car yelling at him for cutting education funding… One fellow… held up a sign to Reagan’s car window saying “We are the future!” Reagan quickly grabbed a pen from his suit pocket and wrote something down on piece of paper and thrust it to his side of the window so the kid could read it. It said: ‘I’m selling my bonds!'” (from “The Tyranny of Cliches” by Jonah Goldberg – I’d heard this story before)


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