Taken from: The Wall Street Journal Accounting Weekly Review

Not Just Bean Counters
by: Matthew Quinn and Alix Stuart
Jul 31, 2012
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TOPICS: Accounting, Ethics, Financial Literacy

SUMMARY: This article discusses the WSJ’s “first ever Best CFOs list.” The related article focuses on the career path towards, and opportunity to go to the CEO level from, CFO. The WSJ says its “list of ‘Best CFOs’ was created using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis aimed at identifying CFOs who excel at financial management and are major contributor in setting strategy.” The detailed selection criteria clearly bias the results towards CFOs of large corporations (beginning from the Fortune 500 list) and those with financially healthy firms. Strategy-setting responsibilities have not been part of the CFO Job for long, and the related article identifies Sarbanes-Oxley as one reason for fluctuations in job responsibilities and the characteristics of sought-after executives for the CFO position.

The article is useful in any accounting class to discuss the skills that are necessary to achieve the highest level of career achievement from a finance/accounting track.

Reviewed By: Judy Beckman, University of Rhode Island

For CFOs, A Move Past Finance
by Matthew Quinn
Jul 31, 2012
Page: B4

Best CFOs 2012
by WSJ Research
Jul 31, 2012
Online Exclusive


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