In the Aftermath of the US Elections, I Can’t Give You Investment Advice…

…but I can point you to a few places for ideas:

1. “Where to put your money now that Obama has won” – reads like its author must drive by looking in the rear-view mirror; but it is offered as a place where you can consider some ideas…

2. “Why US Economy May Be Headed for Another Recession” – Now they tell us!. The best thing about this one is the David Rosenberg video (inset, towards the bottom).

3. “What Obama’s victory means for investors” – a surprisingly vapid article, still you may find a few things to get out of.

4. “If You Believe in Staples, Clap Your Hands” – the always fascinating David Goldman gives honest advice… and stay away from small cap stocks…

5. “Predictions” from the Grumpy Economist – absolutely the best summary (and overview) that I have seen… and steer clear of long-term government debt…


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