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China’s Trajectory: Looking at the Possible Futures for the Middle Kingdom











First up, Gordon Chang, who has been writing about this for years – is he right now?:

China’s Third Era: The End of Reform, Growth, and Stability


Next, the other side of the argument: Francesco Sisci, the dean of Beijing’s foreign press corps, in three articles, the last of which appears as an appendix in the second link. Of particular interest to me is this last and oldest one (from 2007), reprinted from the Italian La Stampa (the translation and editing could use some work), regarding democracy in China…

Why China won’t fall apart

What China Sees in Hong Kong (includes as an appendix “China’s Inevitables: Death, Taxes—and Democracy”)





All are good, interesting reads. You will not rue the time you spend to further educate yourself about China.

2013_smog beijing_China-1


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Turkey – What is Going on?!?

stompingOver the top police violence, or what? Why would this be happening in (supposedly) the model nation for the region?


Brief summary here (English translation from Germany’s Der Spiegel).

Context: Stratfor’s analysis here.

Opinion piece about Erdoğan (the Turkish prime minister) here (from an American journalist living in Istanbul).

Outstanding, deep economic background here (Asia Times). Well worth the time to read.

Excellent continuing series of news dispatches here (London’s Telegraph newspaper).


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“When doing business in China, trust no one.”

Interesting set of links from a law blog about doing business in China… This one reminded me of the best book on the subject, Mr. China

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China – Nice Overview

While I don’t agree with all of this site’s points, it definitely is eye-candy and a handy reference for someone wanting to get up to speed on China. Reuters did an unusually good job with this one…


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2013/03/05 · 08:42

Israel – Background and Game Changing New Developments

Excellent background here in Stratfor report “The Geopolitics of Israel: Biblical and Modern.

Which you should follow up with this article from Wharton on an energy-based national game changer.

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Skin-Damaged, French Vegetarian, Tea-Totaller, No-Tax-Paying IMF Head Begins to Worry…

Her parents were apparently terrible tax planers (she was born 1 January 1956 – like one of my many beaux-frères [brothers-in-law]), so as an accounting professor have always had a hard time taking Christine Lagarde (recently appointed head of the International Monetary Fund) seriously, but she has come around to understanding that “a deterioration in the global economy, saying the outlook has become more worrying as developed and big emerging nations show signs of slowing down“.

In Tokyo today, she said that, “The IMF’s forecasts are likely to be lower than our previous forecasts.”

A bit late, but welcome to the party, Mme. Lagarde.

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“Declining European Demand for Asia’s Exports Compounds Sputtering Growth”

The European debt crisis is contributing to economic slowdowns across Asian countries in 2012. Both developed and developing economies, including China, Japan, India and South Korea, are experiencing drops in demand for their products. Compounding problems, European banks are pulling back on loans to Asian economies, hindering their access to credit.   There are problems for countries that are dependent on export-led growth when global demand slows. It is a case study in why Chinese leaders need to change the composition of national GDP away from exports (foreign demand) and more towards household consumption and business investment (domestic demand).

Video here.

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