World Cup 2014

Beautiful site for this; love the interactive features



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WSJ: China to Ease One-Child Policy

We’ll see how this works. Article, video, graphics…



Another video here.

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Interesting interview here with the author of a new book on this under reported and world-changing technology…


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US Deficit in One Picture

“…imagine the green is your salary, the yellow is the amount you’re spending over your salary, and the red is your Visa statement. Then imagine your spouse runs into the room and shouts, ‘great news honey, our fiscal crisis is over. We just got approved for a new MasterCard!’debtchartfw2 Your first call would be to a marriage counselor or a shrink…”

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Turkey – What is Going on?!?

stompingOver the top police violence, or what? Why would this be happening in (supposedly) the model nation for the region?


Brief summary here (English translation from Germany’s Der Spiegel).

Context: Stratfor’s analysis here.

Opinion piece about Erdoğan (the Turkish prime minister) here (from an American journalist living in Istanbul).

Outstanding, deep economic background here (Asia Times). Well worth the time to read.

Excellent continuing series of news dispatches here (London’s Telegraph newspaper).


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The Economist Points Out the Euro Crisis, but Misdiagnoses and Cannot Understand Why

Europe bleeds out

“59.1% of those under 25 are unemployed in Greece, 55.9% in Spain, 38.4% in Italy, 38.3% in Portugal, 26.5% in France—3.6m youths in all…” OK, but because of interest rates?


Why? Progressive, “state-controlled economies really are… crony capitalist systems which pick winners and losers. They maintain the status quo at all costs — and reward those who have captured government over those who innovate.” – Richard Fernandez

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From Stratfor- Boston Bombing Suspects: Grassroots Militants from Chechnya

Article here… includes interesting video about the region where the terrorists came from.

One of my cousins (she was running the marathon) had just passed the finish line when the bombs went off.


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