Will Your Job Be Done By A Machine?

Pretty wild, although I am unsure of the statistical power of the numbers given… Use the drop down lists to find your work (or the work you hope to do!) to see how likely it is that a robot could be doing your job in a few years.




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This Gives “Big Data” a Whole New Meaning…


Finding patterns in data in retailing. You just can’t make this stuff up – see the article: How Alibaba is using bra sizes to predict online shopping habits – women that purchased larger bra sizes also tended to spend more overall:


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China’s Trajectory: Looking at the Possible Futures for the Middle Kingdom











First up, Gordon Chang, who has been writing about this for years – is he right now?:

China’s Third Era: The End of Reform, Growth, and Stability


Next, the other side of the argument: Francesco Sisci, the dean of Beijing’s foreign press corps, in three articles, the last of which appears as an appendix in the second link. Of particular interest to me is this last and oldest one (from 2007), reprinted from the Italian La Stampa (the translation and editing could use some work), regarding democracy in China…

Why China won’t fall apart

What China Sees in Hong Kong (includes as an appendix “China’s Inevitables: Death, Taxes—and Democracy”)





All are good, interesting reads. You will not rue the time you spend to further educate yourself about China.

2013_smog beijing_China-1

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Berlin Wall Falls… 25 Years Ago

…Opening up a very different, better, world, and a very open world until 2001.


WSJ’s fire hose of information here.

Washington Post’s then and now pictures here.

Smithsonian Pictures here.

Video: Berliners Mark 25 Years Since Fall of the Berlin Wall

Black and white photo essay here (but you have to run the gauntlet of annoying video commercial first).

The NYT’s sad stories of those killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall.

Remembering the Victims of Communism,” produced by Meredith Bragg and Michael C. Moynihan. About 4 minutes. Original release date was November 9, 2009

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More on Hong Kong

tear gas


Link 1 – “One country, two systems”

Link 2 – Communist “Dynasty”

Optional: deeper background


Link 1 Current as of 2014/10/06

Link 2 Young people

Link 3 Symbols

Where is this all going?

Police actions

Military possibilities

More on President Xi Jinping

From the  Far East correspondent of Swiss daily Neue Zurcher Zeitung (in English by way of an Indian newspaper)

From The Diplomat

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Some news today (Sept. 28, 2014) about pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong:  “Hong Kong police used tear gas Sunday and warned of further measures as they tried to clear thousands of pro-democracy protesters who had gathered outside government headquarters in a challenge to Beijing over its decision to restrict democratic reforms for the semiautonomous city. . . . The demonstrations — which Beijing called ‘illegal’ — were a rare scene of disorder in the Asian financial hub, and highlighted authorities’ inability to rein in the public discontent over Beijing’s tightening grip on the city. The protesters reject Beijing’s decision last month to rule out open nominations for candidates under proposed guidelines for the first-ever elections for Hong Kong’s leader, promised for 2017.”

Link 1 – 7:45 AM EDT

Link 2 – 4:53 PM EDT

APTOPIX Hong Kong Democracy Protest

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2014/09/28 · 19:47

Good for Hong Kong!

Huge Crowds Turn Out for Pro-Democracy March in Hong Kong, Defying Beijing


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